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Lucy Spraggan

Choices Download (Deluxe Edition)


Release Date: 26/02/2021

Once you have purchased the Deluxe Download, From your accounts page, go to ‘Your Downloads’

Once on the ‘Your Downloads’ page scroll down to the product called Lucy Spraggan - Choices (Deluxe Edition)

To the right of Lucy Spraggan - Choices (Deluxe Edition) in the same row is a button that says ‘Download All’

When you hover over the button it is highlighted – CLICK the button that says ‘Download All’

You should see in your downloads folder a Zip file that contains the MP3s of the Lucy Spraggan - Choices (Deluxe Edition)

01 Flowers 2:58 Bundle Only
02 Roots 3:26 Bundle Only
03 Sober 3:02 Bundle Only
04 Run To The Hills 3:11 Bundle Only
05 Heartbreak Suites 3:16 Bundle Only
06 If I Had a God 3:03 Bundle Only
07 I Spent a Night In The Desert 3:33 Bundle Only
08 You've Let Yourself Down 2:58 Bundle Only
09 Animal 2:58 Bundle Only
10 Wild 3:18 Bundle Only
11 Run 2:46 Bundle Only
12 Choices (Don't Be Afraid) 2:44 Bundle Only
13 Why Don't We Start From Here 3:34 Bundle Only
14 Lighthouse (Live At The Mill) 3:11 Bundle Only
15 Fight For It (Live At The Mill) 3:35 Bundle Only
16 Flowers (Live At The Mill) 2:55 Bundle Only
17 Tea & Toast (Live At The Mill) 4:30 Bundle Only
18 Sober (Live At The Mill) 3:05 Bundle Only
19 Run (Live At The Mill) 2:43 Bundle Only
20 I Don't Know (Live At The Mill) 2:55 Bundle Only
21 Lucky Stars (Live At The Mill) 3:23 Bundle Only
22 Lightning (Live At The Mill) 3:34 Bundle Only
23 Don't Know Nothing About The Blues (Live At The Mill) 2:47 Bundle Only
24 Choices (Live At The Mill) 2:48 Bundle Only
25 Stick The Kettle On (Live At The Mill) 2:54 Bundle Only
26 Unsinkable (Live At The Mill) 4:03 Bundle Only